To See Beyond

To See Beyond...

Beyond created truths
Beyond created judgments
Beyond created realities
Beyond created illusions
Beyond selfishness
Beyond adversities
Beyond pain
Beyond negativity
Beyond right or wrong

To See Beyond...

To know we are hope
To know we are compassion
To know we are forgiveness
To know we are peace
To know we are love
To know we are brothers
To know we are One
To know we are Light
To know we are everything

If we learn to see beyond, we understand that...

Nothing stays the same
That the only constant in the Universe, is change
That nothing gets lost, but only transformed
That this world is just a school
That change is evolution itself
That what may be true today, may not be tomorrow
That no matter how much we suffer, we will always have hope
That no matter what happens, our true self never changes
That no matter what happens, we will always be Light
That no matter what we do, we will always be love
That no matter what others do, we are equals and we will all reach the same destiny

If we learn to see beyond, we understand that...


By P. D. - 03/2010

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