Documentary on Reincarnation, Soul Mates and Healing Releationships

A powerful, profound and inspiring documentary about reincarnation and soul mates, that opens and transforms our mind to other possibilities and potentials, how these issues shape our present lives, what is the purpose of life and ultimately, showing that unconditional love is the solution to personal / spiritual development as the way to heal ourselves and all our relationships with other people, building a better world for everyone.

"Nothing in life is to be feared, only understood."
"Know yourself to BE yourself."

This documentary is based on the philosophical and spiritual teachings of Edgar Cayce (click to watch a video about his work and legacy).

Watch the full documentary (40 mins):

Books to read:

- "Many lives, many masters" - By Brian Weiss
(A famous psychiatric and scientist who studies past lifes for about 3 decades, having treated and healed around 4.000 patients using hypnotherapy and regression - Click here to listen an interview on his work)

- "Conversations with God" and "Home with God" - By Neale Donald Walsh

Video evidences that reincarnation is real: 

- A very young boy remembers he was a fighter pilot in WW2:

- English Civil War & Jenny Cockell:

- Paula Hamilton & Eamon Holmes:

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