The Drama and Karma of Relationships

"The mask of light and truth is false when funded by hatred."
- Crow Medicine

Keeping good health and course in relationships is a daunting road to navigate... equally, the architecture of our own minds and consciousness is just as challenging in all the imbuing emotional landscapes... One of the most challenging and ugliest is dealing with rage and domestic violence. Both overt and covert. And whether it's online or offline... dealing with chaos and highly negative emotions and reactions is a real experience for many.

Negative agendas can be out in the open, or they can hide behind a foray or deceptions. Anger, resentment and jealousy are often camouflaged by a grossly self righteous demeanor and pompous exterior... It’s important to distinguish between those on the path of peace, and those on the path of war. Well versed practitioners of manipulation and emotional blackmail will place themselves on a saint-like pedestal in an attempt to justify their obscene behavior, thus the facade of truth and justice begins to peal, and the true layers begin to reveal a highly negative agenda and motivation.

The self appointed guru with the 'holier than tho' attitude, will publicly anoint themselves in a glossy stream of high spiritual preaching’s and glitter, yet in reality they swim in the muck of their own foul delusion.

It's very easy for one to say they are a champion of love, truth and honor.... preach the gospel of integrity etc. However, words and fancy displays can account for naught if their 'real' behavior and 'face', speaks something vastly different pertaining to a hate-constructed football field. For example, and mostly critically - one who is a legitimate beacon of love and truth, will be armed with depthless humility and compassion, they will adopt a kind, sensible, understanding and noble approach to all tasks in every step they take.. and if they make a wrong step, they will go back, and move forward again only when their bearing is just. Real love and truth makes no room or bargain upon anything less than those attributes.

People who have over inflated egos will harness and engage distorted logic/reasoning, further amalgamated with a temperament that will twist everything another might say in order to satisfy their own failures and insecurities so they can be right and feel justified in their actions. Ego maniacs love to perform and will shine their brightest phony light for their friends and seek audience. They will go to any lengths to see their bullshit solidified, such as playing the victim role or invalidating others, being cruel and callas, entice dissent, whilst propping themselves up further in their own immortal shrine. Much of their baloney will occur under the pretense of love and justice or truth... But such behavioral patterns and traits have nothing remotely whatsoever to do with love. Love does not look like that! Neither to the blind nor the dumb! It only looks like that in the cold eyes of spite, corruption and hatred.
Failure to reason and move forward with unwavering sincerity and warmth, real wish to initiate, see peace realized within themselves and upon others... will leave the person suspended in self created misery and hurt... for a very very long time!

There has to be maturity and wisdom working in tandem for real progress towards peace in order for it to be realized. Within the emotional conundrum, rational discernment, kindness and sincerity is a choice...We all know who we are if we look deep enough... we all have the ability to make choices based on objectives and desires that are kind and authentic, or stained with negative intent.

The best defense against those who attempt to subjugate us into their mental fallacy, or nonsensical racketeering, is to stand firm and say NO. Be non participant to their stage antics.... move right away... walk away. By reacting, you give them what they want... Ignore and keep ignoring. Give your time and energy only to those who express back to you the same love and kindness you wish for yourself.

By Arthur Crow

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