Who Do You Choose To Be?

Who do you choose to be
everyday, in every moment?

Who do you choose to be
with yourself, and with others?

Who do you choose to be
in the good moments, and especially in adversity?

Who do you choose to be
when you feel pain, when you feel your world falling apart?

Who do you choose to be
fear and anger, or peace and love?

Who do you choose to be
to listen to your mind, or to your soul?

This is probably the most important question we can make
It is the question that can decide who we are at the present moment
that will decide what we choose to feel, to do and to be
and who we wish to transform and become in the future

It is a question that will lead us in life
It is a question that will decide our destiny

Even when we face tremendous adversities, with ourselves and others
do you wish to be anger, or do you wish to be peace?
do you wish revenge, or do you wish to forgive?
do you wish to see the negative, or do you wish to see the positive and the potential?
do you wish to deny your responsibilities, or do you wish to accept them?
do you wish to (self)destroy, or do you wish to build?
do you wish to be unhappy, or do you wish to be happy?
do you wish to feel fear, or do you wish to be love and share that love?

All of us have the potential to be one thing or another
in fact, in the past we have all been all of those, even if for just a moment
Even saints are capable of feeling anger and hurting others
Even dictators are capable of feeling love and saving others

The question that matters, is to be humble and learn from the past,
to transform knowledge into wisdom, to go beyond our mind limits
to know what we want to be in  the eternal moment of now
especially in the difficult moments, when we face adversities.

All the potential is there, it is up to us to accept the responsibility
and choose which path we will walk, a path that will deeply affect our life

In reality, adversities are nothing more than real opportunities
that gives us a great chance for us to put into practice the knowledge we have
to test us, to make us stand up and go beyond our comfort zone
In reality, it is in pain that we can really grow spiritually, because it forces us to adapt
So pain can as well be a blessing, it just depends on the way you see and deal with it
In reality, it is all just a matter of perspective.

During our journey in life, we will certainly make mistakes
even if just for a moment and no matter how spiritually evolved we are
someday, somehow, we will hurt others and ourselves
someday, somehow, we will get tired and fall into the ground
But we can never loose hope, it is never too late to change
to admit our faults, take the responsibility and ask for forgiveness
to continue to move forward, to forgive, to rebuild, to love.

But remember, while you are making your quest
when ever in doubt about who you choose to be
and so, what you decide to feel and do
always make this question to yourself:


Put your pride, mind and fears aside, just open and deeply listen your soul
listen to your divine self, and in doing so, you will always know the answer.

It is up to you to listen, to have the courage to accept the responsibility it presents
and to follow that inner answer originated from your true self.

So... who do you choose to be, fear or love?

By P. D. - 11/2009

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