Beauty On Meditation...

For this moment, let go of any negative thoughts and feelings.
Let go of what is in the outside, of the voices, fears and pain, and go within.
Meditate, see and feel the images, go within to the inner beauty, to your beauty.
As the images are beautiful, so are you, you just don't know it yet.
As you meditate, you go deeper, you reach enlightenment and transformation.
So, release yourself, and feel the Peace and the Joy it brings.
Feel the Oneness, the connection with yourself and the Universe.

You are here to discover that connection
and to feel the freedom and happiness it means.

Here, in this moment, nothing else matters.

By P. D. - 01/2010

1 comment:

jorge vicente said...

nada mais interessa, apenas a paz que a entrega à Vida me faz Sentir!

um grande abraço de luz
jorge vicente

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