Beautiful Soul.

Somewhere out there
There is a beautiful soul
A soul that shines so bright
A soul that yearns
to (re)learn,
to interact,
to experience,
to know,
to transform,
to become unconditional love

A soul that yearns
to show the inner light
to understand and to be understood
to love and to be loved
to touch the hearts of ever living being
to bring compassion where there is judgment
to bring peace where there is war
to bring forgiveness where there is hatred
to bring a smile where there are tears
to make a loving change in the world

That beautiful soul, is a special conscientious being of energy
with a tremendous potential
that somehow, somewhere, shapes everything it touches
It is a soul that is always there, helping, making connections, re-creating
It is a soul that makes others smile, to feel loved, to feel precious
To be the change that wishes to see in the world

So, who is that beautiful soul?

It is me,
It is you,
It is us,
It is everyone.

We are just one of many souls
but we are all the same, we are a big family
we are just one flower in an incredible never ending garden
but as well as all the others, we are a beautiful one
we are no better or no worst, we are equals, we are one
each and every one of the souls can shine powerfully
feel, embrace your light and share it with all the others.

It is when you realize of all that unlimited light you have inside
of all that beauty, of all that potential, of all that love
it is when you will have the power to change everything.

When was the last time someone told you:

It just happen right now.

By P. D. - 12/2009

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