To Fall And To Rise.

Sometimes in life
we fall into the ground

We fall because of circumstances
because of adversities
because we lose hope
because of the pain we feel
because we lack the strength to keep going
because sometimes we just need to stop and rest

Sometimes in life
we make mistakes

We make mistakes because of the fear
because we cannot see beyond appearances
because we do not know or can do better at the moment
because we need to face ourselves and our walls
because we need to become more aware of us and others
because we need to put knowledge into practice
because we need to cultivate unconditional love

Sometimes in life
we hurt others, we hurt ourselves

We hurt because we fall
because we make mistakes
because we judge and condemn others
because we need to overcome our selfishness
because we need to listen and understand others
because we don't give a real chance
because we are here to (re)learn, to know, to be
because we fail to understand what we really need
because we fail to see we are all one, we are interconnected

Failure? Mistakes? Pain?

It is all illusions, designed to help you re-discover and experience your true self
It is in the most desperate hours, where we have the great opportunity to show the best we have within
Not with words, but with real meaningful actions that make a positive difference

Whenever you fall, do not be ashamed, this is a natural process of life
in fact it is a great moment to re-build, to re-learn, to evolve
if you need, stop for a moment and rest to recover lost energies
question every action and thought to become more aware and to change
read, meditate, walk in nature, talk with friends, do what gives you peace
then you will be ready again, and you can be sure you will rise again
never despair, never loose hope, you have all the power within

You have the potential
You have the courage
You have the compassion
You have the light
You have the love
You have yourself, and you are them and they are you

You have the strength to overcome the mountains that are placed on your path
and when you reach the top of everyone one of them, you will be able to see beyond them
no matter how hard the path was, you will be able to see the beauty ahead,
to know the past, understand the present, know and prepare the future

So, no matter how many times you fall over and over again, just rise,
no matter how much your heart hurts, how many tears has fallen trough your face, just rise,
no matter how many times you made mistakes, and how bad you criticize yourself, just rise,
keep the hope, be the hope, let it be a part of you, and keep walking... you are not alone in this trip
make the best out of your journey, and you will go much further than what you can imagine.

Sometimes in life
we feel and share love

We love because that is our true nature
because it can heal and transform anything
because it forgives the unforgivable
because it transforms hate into love
because it gives compassion with a gentle smile
because it builds and re-builds
because it makes us truly happy
because it creates miracles, all of those and more
because it is our evolution, our destiny
because we become one.

So when ever you fall, rest, contemplate
then smile to the opportunities and just rise
because you know you are much more than that

So rise and make a change
see and go beyond your mental limitations
transform yourself and the world.

Only one drop is necessary to start the wave.

Sometimes in life
we make a difference...

By P. D. - 12/2009

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