Rebirth From The Ashes...

We live life?
We think we live life
We think we know what reality is
We think we know who we are and what we want
We think with a limited view, in short terms
What we live, is not a life, it is an illusion

Life is not about giving money, it is about giving a gentle hand and smile
Life is not about judgments and who is "right" or "wrong", it is about compassion
Life is not about manipulations, it is about honesty and courage
Life is not about negative feelings, it is about forgiveness
Life is not about possessions, it is about spiritual evolution
Life is not about short sight, it is about enlightenment
Life is not about selfishness, it is about LOVE

We need to have the courage to rise,
to see beyond, to look upon the skies
to gain wings and fly up trough the sky
above the dark clouds
to see and feel the light from the shining star
to absorb that light, to transfigure,
to become one with the energy.

From illusion, we need to reborn
into a new awakening
into a new awareness
into a new transformation
into a new dawn
into a new life
into a new... me.

Nothing is lost, it is just transformed.

You are rebuilding yourself every moment, every second
who you were a minute ago is not who you are now,
the mistakes made are not the mistakes you can make,
the love lost, is the love that you can recover and share, NOW.

When ever lost, in doubt, in weakness
to guide you, always ask yourself: What would love do now?

Every day, when we awake, we have a new opportunity
a new opportunity to reborn, to build and be a new self, to go beyond
that opportunity is made by getting more awareness into our mind and hearts
it is when we receive that inner light, that we become angels with wings...

... So, rebirth from the ashes
Rise and become a new phoenix.

Spread your wings, spread your inner light.

By P. D. - 12/2009

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